Retorno a la Espada 2023 – English

“Retorno a la espada” is the event open to all fencers that desire to take part on it, organized by the fencing school “Sala de Armas Pedro del Monte”. In this event, different styles and a common philosophy inside the HEMA meet, that mainly strives into keep a martial line to try to improve the comprehension of this art in the past.

During the event, we try to have different instructors and “Maestros” conduct workshops and seminars where you can learn and discover the rich variety of styles and weapons that fall inside the HEMA framekwork.

Apart from the workshops and seminars, you could also enjoy personal tutelage, interesting conferences and of course, a large time span for free sparring, so the participants can have the chance of fighting with people from other frencing schools.

Retorno a la Espada 2023
Cartel Retorno a la espada 2022