Fencing games

Fencing games

Fencing games are not competitions and their main objective is to make a public display of the fencing of the different schools that will meet at the event.

The games will be developed in this way, several pairs of fighters are placed in the center of the “palestra” – arena – and the rest will be positioned in a row in front of them, at the signal of the King of Arms the friendly fighting will begin.

The assaults will be carried out at a single point, no matter if it is a “minor injury” or a “serious injury”, the one who receives it will leave the “palestra” and return to the row of fencers. The fencer left in the arena will choose his next opponent from the row of fighters in front of him. In case of being a double hit both will leave the arena and will be replaced by another couple.

It is intended that the assaults be short and dynamic, one of the rules is that you can not repeat opponent until you have fought with everyone – it is unlikely that time will pass.

The weapons or combinations of weapons allowed in the games will be as follows:
• Two-handed sword
• Arming sword and buckler
• Rapier sword or sidesword – alone or accompanied by a buckler, “rodela”, dagger or cape.

During the games the weapons can be changed, however it can only be done in the breaks between battles. You will always try to make the fighting with compatible weapons – for example it is not highly recommended to mix a two-handed sword and a cup rapier-

The victory of these games is very simple, all participants will be given a “geton” – a token – that at the end of the games they will have to hand over to the fencer they liked the most, be it for their good technique, their sympathy, for perform a fun fight or for any other reason. It is not necessary to vote for someone with whom you have fought, it is possible to vote for a person who has liked to see us fight. The fencer who receives more “getones” will be named “Batallador” and will receive a gift in honour of his good work. Therefore, to win these games it is not necessary to win in the fighting, the victory is obtained by performing a technical, honest and friendly fencing.

The “getones” won in the fencing games can be exchanged for a drink at the party that will be held at night.
The King of arms in addition to marking the beginning and end of the games, will be responsible for ensuring the safety and decorum of them, being able to stop any combat in case of seeing a sign of danger or misconduct by of a fencer. You can also decide who receives the title of Batallador in case of a draw.